Applied Integration Corporation is in business to provide goods and services to the scientific, industrial, and business community for a profit.  We accomplish our purpose by providing development, manufacturing and marketing services to a wide range of customers.

Applied Integration first started doing business in 1991 as a sole proprietorship, the Applied Integration Corporation (AIC) was incorporated in 1993, and is a sub chapter “S” corporation in the state of Arizona.

A “just in time” manufacturing paradigm is effectively used, allowing the company to make the most efficient use of corporate assets.  This competitive advantage has engendered such success for the company that land is being acquired, a new corporate facility is being designed and will be constructed, thereby increasing the company’s efficiency and productivity.  

In doing these things, We  have developed an active and satisfied customer base.  These customers have had success in their projects by using Applied Integration Corporation products and continue to return for more.

Key people at Applied Integration Corporation have over 80 years of highly technical experiences and skills.  There is a small staff and We also employ subcontractors to make sure all jobs are done properly and on time.

The principles of Applied Integration are Frederick Pingal, President/Chief Engineer and Karen Bock who is the company Director and Corporate Officer.